During the Industrial Age, manufacturing companies simply had the mindset that worker injuries were not their fault.  It just came with the job.  Unfortunately many companies today still view profit, production, and quality as a higher priority ahead of worker safety.  Although most business owners or upper management won’t admit whether it’s a conscious effort.  Our clients get it.  Knowing all too well that the monetary aspect is in direct correlation to worker safety, whether direct or indirect costs.

Safety First

On average, 15 workers die every day from workplace injuries with over 5,600 fatalities annually that occur in

 the U.S.  And an estimated 4 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses are reported each year.  It is our mission to save lives and return workers to their families safely.  The families expect it and shouldn’t be an unreasonable request.  That’s why we are focused on the program development, regulatory compliance, and training aspects of employee safety.  Let us help you make a difference in someone’s life.

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